How to Renew Your Florida Real Estate License for the First Time After Initial Issuance

Guidelines on renewing a real estate license: includes steps like course completion at Dolphin School of Real Estate, payment details, account setup, email updates, extension requests, and key deadlines.


9/1/20231 min read

a woman in a black suit
a woman in a black suit

Steps to Renew:

1. Complete Courses: For first-time renewals, individuals must complete Post License Education. For top-tier courses, Dolphin School of Real Estate is recommended. All courses are available at our school. [Real estate agents, take advantage of our special offer – now at 40% off using code 'ColumbusDay' at checkout this week! Visit the 'Courses' tab or click HERE. ¡Curso también disponible en español AQUI!]

2. Pay the Renewal Fee: This step is essential for everyone. Step by step instructions here

Before Renewing:

• Create an Online Account: If one hasn't been created, it's advisable to set it up ahead of time. The last day tends to be busy, leading to potential delays. Step by step instructions here

• Update Email Address: The licensing department sends important notifications to the email on record. If there are any changes in address, it should be updated within 10 days.

• Review License Status: Individuals should ensure their online profile accurately reflects their association with the appropriate broker or firm. If discrepancies are found, they should reach out to their broker to make the necessary adjustments.

Need an Extension?

If someone cannot complete the Post License Education or the 28-hour reactivation course due to unforeseen circumstances, they might qualify for an extension. However, extensions for Continuing Education are not provided.

Extension Requests can be sent to:

Mail: Division of Real Estate – Hardship Section – 400 West Robinson Street, Suite N801, Orlando, Florida 32801

Fax: 407.317.7245 Attn: Hardship Section


Important Deadlines:

All renewal actions must be completed by midnight Eastern Standard Time on the day of license expiration (either March 31st or September 30th). If this date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the deadline extends to midnight on the following workday.